Magyari McCarty

Have you ever talked to a casting director? If you have, you know that your headshots might mean the difference between the opportunity to show your talent at the audition and sitting home waiting for it. That fact by itself can make the business of choosing the right photographer stressful. The sessions are costing money, and you do not want to waste it by hiring the wrong person. And yes, I used the word person instead of photographer for a reason. While having a strong technical knowledge and skill-set is a foundation for a good photographer, choosing your headshot photographer should be just as much about choosing a person you will enjoy working with. The camera is honest. It will capture and show with brutal honesty what you feel. You can practice your million dollar smile in front of your mirror, and use it at your session… if your smile is not coming from the moment, from the honest desire to laugh out…. your eyes will give you away, and the camera will be there to catch the betrayal. So choosing your photographer should be personal. The right person will make you feel comfortable - no matter if this is your first session, or the fiftieth, and help you forget about that big black thing with the long lens pointed at you…. and focus, react to and have a relationship with the person on the other side. Then the job is easy, you just have to be yourself, and the camera will show the real and honest beauty of your soul. And your headshot will stand out of the crowd, because it will have life captured in your eyes. Am I the right person for you? I don't know…. so let's have coffee, and find out!